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Hollywood VIP Treatment

What is the Hollywood VIP Treatment?

Do you want to earn free swag just for wearing your Lynze Lou gear?  Then this club is for you!  Simply fill out the form right over there
Here's some of the juicy info & perks:
  • Get the details on all of our sweet sales before everyone else. 
  • Receive exclusive VIP discounts for being a member of the club.
  • And best of all!!!! Earn free Hollywood Hats or Messy Bun Beanies just for sharing your individual coupon code with friends, family, or strangers!  Once your coupon code gets used 3 times (yes that's it!! Three! 1,2,3 times!) you will get your choice between a free Hollywood Hat or Messy Bun Beanie in your choice of color.​​​
All you have to do is listed down here:
  • Hand them out to people that comment on your hats, use them on yourself for your next order, share them online, or give them to a friend that thinks receiving a discount on their order would be cool.  Whatever you do, make sure they know they will receive 15% off their total purchase if they use the coupon code on the back of the card.
  • Once your code gets used 3 separate times (Fine Print: on a purchase of $35 or more. That's it for fine print.  That's all I got..) you'll get a super exciting email letting you know you're awesome (which you are anyway!) and that you get to order a Hollywood Hat or Messy Bun Beanie for FREE!!!  ​
  • After you receive your super awesome coupon code for your new free prize, just head on over to the shop tab on the website & order the hat you choose in whatever color you would like your fancy new hat made in.
  • Then in just a week or two, you'll be sporting your new favorite new hat!  
  • Join the club by filling out this form.  In a few days you will receive an email with your coupon code to share online or email to friends.  Then in just a week or so some cards with your individual coupon code will be mailed your way and you can start passing them around.



That's it folks!  I want to give a huge thank you to everyone that has sent business my way & this seemed like a fitting way to do it.  Please feel free to head on over to the comments tab if you have any questions for me!  I'm excited to get these club perks sent your way!!

Lynze Lou

Your VIP cards are on their way!

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